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Day 2

Well here I am at Day 2 again. I know the drill. To be honest after everything that's happened over the last few days, cigarettes are actually the last thing on my mind.

Still keep having a little cry over everything but deep down I know my decision has been for the best.

Thank god for my mum - she has been an absolute rock of late. Don't know what I'd do without her.

So this post is dedicated to all you mums out there. Keep strong with your quit because no matter how grown-up your kids get they still need you.....

PP xx

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Hi PP - good on ya girl you keep at it.

I know what you mean about mums, me and mine cant live together cos we are so alike we argue all the time. I didnt really know my mum until I had a child of my own and I remember thinking (not long after I had given birth) just how much I loved my mum and was sorry for everything I had done that had caused her any upset or hurt over the years. We are not a very demonstrative family but i remember telling her that day just how much I loved her.

Over the years since, I have had many ups and downs and each time I know that the one person I can count on to pick me back up is my mum. My dad is a quiet person and doesnt say much, although takes everything in, but now and again will just surprise you with an action like a hug or a small gesture that just makes you know that he is also there for me and loves me very much.

Am glad your feeling better today, you know yourself it does get a little easier and so what if you have a little cry - you go for it.

Jayne x


Well done, you have had such a bad time and you are not smoking. How special that your Mum is there for you, never too grown up to need mum. My Mum heart sends you love.



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