No Smoking Day
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SHIZAM B^TCHES!!! 41 DAYS!.. I think?

Good Evening

I don't really know what day today is... I stopped counting a while ago. I am here though and still going strong. On October 11th, my birthday, I will have 50 days under my belt! Its a very exciting thought to have 50 days behind me considering the fact that at one time in my life I thought I would never be able to quit... sure enough here I am and I have quit!

The smell of cigarette smoke officially smells like SH1T, I can't stand the smell of cigars or cigarettes or any type of tobacco being burned. I absolutely hate walking behind someone on the street who is smoking.. its the worst.

I am loving how I feel, my lungs feel great and everyday they're getting better. It feels really really good to breathe oxygen.

For 8 years I missed out on the smell of oxygen... lol I didn't even know there was a smell to air but there is and it smells so damn good.

My girlfriend is still smoking, not much, maybe 1 or 2 a day while she is at work and when she comes home and tries to kiss me I know when she is about 6 inches from my face whether or not she smoked and whether or not she smoked a regular or menthol!!!! LOL How is that for an increase in sense of smell and taste!?!?

I feel really good. I'm never going back to smoking cigarettes.. I hate them. I will never again be the tobacco company's b1tch.


Oh yah... I almost forgot....

I am no longer coughing up nasty black crap daily... this is a great thing. However I do notice that when I do cough up some remnants of tar it is the nastiest stuff I've ever seen, much worse looking then when I was a regular smoker. When I cough stuff up it isnt in bulk but little things here and there... Does anyone else get this?

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Well done, you deserve to feel good. Other peope's smoke is awful isn't it and now that smoking is all done outside I can smell it even more when I am in town, sticking to shopping centres helps.

How nice that you will have a celebration of 50 days on your birthday.

I also like the feeling on not giving the tobacco companies my money, but even better I am not giving our government their huge tax on them.



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