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Hi Coaltyt how you doing


Hi love how are you doing this fine evening?

I am fine, had a really stressful day today for one reason or another, and if there was a day that I could start smoking again today would have been that day. But I did not smoke, did not smoke, not one puff, and at the end of the day everything turned out fine.

But I am so pleased with myself, I know in my past quits I would have turned to a cig, But this time I feel different more confident more sure that I want this quit to go the all way.

Love Joan xxxxx

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Hi Joan :D

Great well done you a really stressful day and you resisited smoking when before you'd have reached for them Big Hug for you

Glad the day turned out OK in the end for you

You have every right to be really pleased with yourself


Marg xxxxxxxxx

Hi Joan

I'm just fine thanks - happy to report I had a much better day than you! Poor thing - but so very well done for getting through it!

I had one of those days last week, but it really made no sense to have a ciggie - what good would it have done? Amazing how you can recondition yourself isn't it!

Now I just need to recondition my addiction to Cadbury Dairy Milk! :D

Here's hoping tomorrow isn't such a trial for you - you deserve a nice easy day of it!

How's hubby - is he doing alright?

Oh - that sounds great - you must be very relieved it has all gone well. Getting away sounds lovely - it's always nice to have something to look forward to. Especially if it involves nice hotels! :D

Hi Joan :D

I'll definitely keep the hugs coming for you

Glad everything turned out OK in the end and also pleased your hubby is doing so well


Marg xxxxxxxxx

Nicely done. To get through a nightmare day and stay off them 'things' is great. Glad your evening is better too. After a 'bit of a day' its nice to see things more clearly and with pride later on.

Well done :)

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