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How do you clear your chest


Hi Guys

For the last few days i have constantly had like a piece of something stuck in my throat. Now i know its the remnants from smoking like Tar etc but its not making me cough and its just stuck there.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get this to clear please as its really bugging me now.


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I still get this a couple of months on - and I just sniff and heck up the crap. (Sorry if anyone is eating! :o)

Sign that your body is repairing!


Thanks Tink,

I think i will try that later. I was also thinking maybe steam like a hot bath or something as its totally bugging and i cant make myself cough.

I dont want a cold or cough as such just a means to get rid of the bliming stuff stuck in my throat.

I am happy that its a way of showing my body is repairing itself but this little blighter wants to hang around.


I know this sounds minging but I find it comes up easier straight after I brush my teeth :confused:

Made me smile

Thanks Tink,

I will try that later too. Oh well just had some toast and 2nd tablet for the day, lets hope that this time i dont end up like i did earlier when now its been pointed out to me i did not eat properly when i took this mornings tablet, i am a silly mare ya know ;)

My eldest should be back soon with my nice new light, all i have to do then is put it together and hope it fits where i want it to fit. I need that extra light for when i am doing my knitting at night otherwise its too dark and i cant see properly.

Anyhow, thank you for your quick responses. Take care

I just sniff and heck up the crap.

Thanks for sharing Tinks :p.


Loss of appetite

Hi all

Is it just me or has anyone else lost their appetite especially while taking these Champix as i really dont want to eat anything. Maybe thats why i ended up feeling so sick earlier because in all honesty i did not want to eat anything when i had to take that tablet.

I just feel that i cant stomach much at the mo, im not worried about putting weight on but i just feel that all food is not nice anymore and i dont fancy anything at all to eat.

Any input from others greatly appreciated. Thanks

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