Where's the week 1 section!

Morning guys,

Today's day 8! wooooooooooo - but wheres the week 1 forum, it goes days4-7 then week 2! someone somewhere's gone wrong =)

Although its Day 8, I have indeed messed up on 2 occasions by smoking 3.5 cigarettes in total. I dearly regretted that the next day, my throat was in tremendous pain which has now passed. And my chest pains we're horrendous, which has also passed!

I've stopped bringing up the morning gunk immediately after waking, I noticed that yday. I thought it would last longer than a week? All this herbal tea may have sped the process up heh


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  • ha ha congrats on reaching day 8!

    Week 1 is days 1-7 ie sections 1,2,3 and 4-7, week 2 starts day8 etc

    keep going!


  • Hi Alex,

    You are doing great stick with it mate.


  • HAH. I'm silly, sorry =]

    In my defence I had just woken up. lol cheers for the support guys, my cravings are considerably minor when im not around smokers so i'll stay strong


  • Hi Alex :D

    Day 8 that's great well done you Big Hug

    You go into week to forum now that you're on day 8 OK

    Keep it going the only way is up now


    Marg xxxxxxx

  • Hey Marg

    Thanks :D

    Wow there truely are benefits to quitting smoking, its not all a myth. I'm moving up in the world!!!!

    The best thing about the quit so far has been......the feel good factor =)


  • Hi Alex :D

    Yeah lots of benefits you aint seen nothing yet Promise

    But glad you feel good


    Marg xxxxxxxx

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