Taking a step back

Hi guys, Im really sorry but I am leaving for a little while, I will keep popping on now and again to say hi but as a lot of you know I have been having a bit of trouble the last week and it doesnt seem to be getting any easier. It could be because I am on here too much and consently talking and thinking about fags.

I need to get my life sorted without thinking of cigs so much.

I will pop by once every few weeks to say hi

Big thank you to everyone that has helped me along the way see you all soon ;)


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  • Hi Mel,

    I understand that totally.

    I wish you all the very best & am sure you will manage to stay quit.

    It's been good talking to you.

    Love Gaynor xx

  • Well you're not the 1st person to find the forum keeps smoking in the forefront of their mind.

    Do pop back for time to time, and good luck.

  • Hi Trendy,

    Will miss you, you helped me when I was at my lowest. I too wish you all the best and hope you stay strong.

    ((((BIG HUGS and KISSES))))

  • Awww - I understand but please do pop back now and again.

    My OH still smokes so I am constantly reminded of ciggies so I still enjoy coming in here although I have been SO madly busy the last couple of weeks I haven't had much time.

    I do find that if I don't come in here, I start missing ciggies more - it is like I need a reminder every so often!

  • Hi Mel, i will rearly miss reading your posts, please pop back on when you can, i totally understand why you feel you have to leave for a while but dont stay away too long!

    Take care, x


  • Hi Mel, take it easy, and take care, keep up the good work chick...

    lotsa luv

    Nikki xx

  • oh no mel I missed this post, take care and all the very best. thanks for the support and hope you pop by xxxxx :):)

  • oh no , al miss u trendy, please come back and let us know how your doing x;)

  • Yeah keep us updated on how things change for you trendy!




  • Hi Mel,

    I will look forward to you posting back on here whenever you feel like it. All the best, stay strong.


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