6th day

Hi everyone,

Well I'm on my 6th day today. The past couple of days seem to have been a bit tougher but I'm still hanging in there.

I think these lozenges aren't doing my throat much good though :(. I've had this sort of swollen, irritating, itchy feeling, a bit like when a cold is starting, for a couple of days now. I bought 1 packet of 4mg to start off with and I think I'll replace with 2mg tomorrow and see how I get on with the lower strength.

Anyway, best wishes from me to everyone here. Good luck to you all. :)

Edit for spelling! :D

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  • Well done and you're nearly at the end of the 1st week!

    Out of all the lozenges I tried I preferred that the Boots own brand, and they were the cheapest :D

    Hang in there!


  • Hi Erasurist :D

    You're now on day 7 well done that's the first week completed

    Sorry the last couple of days have been a bit rough for you

    But it will get easier for you very soon just hang in there


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Erasurist

    Well done on getting through to day 6. You have already put much of the toughest part of the quit behind you.:D It will get easier as time goes on. And soon you'll be counting your quit in weeks, not days!

    Stay strong.


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