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Into my 6th week Gasp!

Well here i am 5weeks 4 days and maybe only a few blips ahhhh! but feeling great in myself, its outa myself thats the problem. I eat and eat and eat. then eat again. i havent got any scales to know how much ive put on and i dont realy want to know ha! Been a bit naggy at the weekend, my grandaughter called me a "grumpy granny" well i did have a hangover aswel as a cold and two little girls fighting for my attention ha! Havent got time to smoke just eat he he! Hope you are all ok and still with us. x

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well done

well done to you - major achievement and I bet your grandchildren would rather have grumpy granny than smelling of ciggys granny. As for the food, I've been eating more than ever but I just think a few extra pounds isnt as bad as all that crap in a ciggie. Will deal with the weight when I feel as though I'm winning the battle with the nicotine. Keep up the good work.


eh?:confused: I may be a bit out of touch..


well done dossydo.. grumpy? yeah, maybe, but that passes doesn't it! Know what I mean?!:D


Well done dossy. What an achievement. I bet you never thought you'd get this far - justs shows you what can be done when we put our minds to something. Way to go. Onwards and upwards,easier everyday!:D


GREAT!!!!!!!!!! You are an inspiration to us all! :D Keep posting you super star!


Dealing with the weight


You and I are about 1 day apart in our quits. Since I quit two of my brothers and their familys have visited, close friends have visited, and parents have visited. With each visit comes more food, more cake, more drink, more big breakfasts, more, more, more.

Unfortunately, the holidays are upon us, so there is yet more food on the horizon, but let's hope we can make it until the first week of January, when our quits will be into their 11th week. Just think of all those new quitters who will be starting on New Year's! We will be old pros at this quitting thing by then and will have plenty of sage advice to give.

Anyway, congrats on keeping it up, and good luck with the eating.

Rob W


Now officially week 6


We have now officially achieved the week 6 mark, working on 7!


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