For all that find the demon cravings hard

Hi guys,

I find the cravings just awful - even today I was like a domented evil possessed woman just cause I couldn't find the 'New thread' button which was actually staring me in the face.........anyhoo I read some stuff on tinternet that I thought may help those of us that find the cravings hard to cope with:-

Some doctor has done research on why we get cravings and has come up with the theory the more alkaline our bodies are the better so we should eat lots of fruit and shit sherlock....but, what I thot was interesting was the fact that we should juice it all and eat a ton of sunflower seeds as they contain compounds that mimic nicotine, have been eating them all day and so far no's probably the placebo affect but who cares so far it's worked, for those of you who haven't tried them they're quite nice.........happy nibbling :D

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  • Hi BB,

    Will go back and have a look it's saved in my favs but can't get a link to here give me 5 mins or so

  • Hi BB,

    If you search google using

    Stop smoking naturally‎ by Martha Work Ashelman

    You will find the extract I was talking about, I can't get the url to copy correctly

  • it is protected, I can't even copy and paste on to word document, took the info this morning from the extract that's on the google book page I sent you, it allows you to scroll down and read extracts - some common sense and some snippets like the sunflower seeds

  • Hi Kate :D

    What an interesting post that is

    It could help a lot of people on here who're struggling a bit, well done for finding it


    Marg xxxxxxx

  • Is this it?

    There is also quite an interesting PDF file here on the subject of reducing cravings by using certain foods

  • Yes that's did you get a live link?

  • Yes that's did you get a live link?

    just copied what was in the address bar:)

  • I tried that but it wouldn't play ball for me........thanks:cool:

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