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Slight confession


I've been a little bit bad,

I've been on a men behaving badly weekend which had a lot free flowing drinks. Over half of them smoke. While chatting away and very drunk was offered a cigarette by a friend who didnt know Ive stopped. With out even thinking I took it, lite it, and had a puff. :eek:

Just one puff mind :eek:

And it tasted foul and discussing I realised what the hell I was doing and stub it out straight away. :)

Spent the rest of the weekend, around the same people and doing the same thing drinking and having a laugh but not smoking, not even having a crave for one.

One unthinking moment nearly ruined all my hard work. Still count myself as having given up in March and not smoked now for 42 days.

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Well done, you put it out, some people would have carried on smoking it, but its a tiny blip well done on 42 days keep going. Stay strong.

xxxx Pupalup xxxxx

Don't be silly, course you are still an MMQ :D

If anything you will be more aware now of how easy it is to slip...and how god awful them bloody fags taste!! well done for not smoking all of it..and well done for carrying on your weekend without another hiccup!! ;);)

Hi Mate

Glad you had a great weekend. Good one for stubing it out. 42 days it is then. xxxxx

Deke9 Years Smoke Free

Hi Maverick,

I'm with everyone else here, a blip is just a blip. Good on you for realising what you were doing and putting it out. And that will help you stay vigilant in future when smoking mates and alcohol are around.

Still an MMQ? Definitely.:D


42 days and still with us, It's fantastic you put it out and never felt the urge to smoke it all. Im glad it was disgusting and im even more glad YOU hated it.

Well done and you carry on and stay part of our 42 is fabulous and think of how many fags you'v NOT nhad !!

Nice one buddy, as already said it has done you a favour ... made you realise how evil they really are ...

Well done ;)

Hi Maverick :D

42 days that's great well done you

Sounds like a fun weekend except for that one puff, but well done for putting it after the one and I'm so pleased that it tasted nasty

Also pleased to hear you enjoyed the rest of the weekend smoke free and with no craves


Marg xxxxxxxx

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