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la scala and geek alert


One day to go and I enter month 3.

Off to Milan for the weekend and I'm going to empty my tin of "would have spent on cigarettes" money - there's £340, which will cover a couple of tickets for the opera at la scala and a failry nice pizza for me and my lovely girlfriend.

Good luck to everyone - this is the best decision I've made in my life :)

***********Geek alert*******

Admin There are exactly 2 x threads and 2 x Posts in Month 3 as in Month 2


Month 3 - 333

Month 2 - 666 (double)


Month 3 - 3472

Month 2 - 6965 (double + 1)

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Well done you

Enjoy your trip. Hope you and OH have a fab time.xxxxx

Hi Koloko :D

Well done on entering month 3 that's great well done you I hope you're proud of yourself

Enjoy your holiday and spending the money you've saved


Marg xxxxxxxx