Still ok....9 days on!

Hi all,still here smoke free :D It all seems much easier this time, enjoying the 'extra oxygen highs'

instead of wondering if I've lost the plot :p

Keeping too busy to smoke. Tractor still not repaired,but not getting too stressed about it. I've been helping with lambing & harrowing with a borrowed tractor.

Spent a few days taking our 2yo grandaughter around adventure parks & shopping. I've almost got enough breath to keep up with her now!

It's nice to get a break from my normal work.

Hope every one is doing ok, :)

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  • Hi Alan :D

    On day 9 and feeling good I'm so pleased for you

    Also glad you're finding it easier this time around and I'll bet you're enjoying running around with the little one


    Marg xxxxxx

  • Hey Alan,

    Its good to hear your doing so well, sounds like you've been keeping busy and having fun!

    Well done on reaching day 9

    Keep it up

    Lottie -x-

  • Hi Ytene,

    Well done on 9 days, great stuff. Keeping busy has helped me. Stay strong.


  • Hi Alan, good to hear you ok, well done on day 9! you doing fantastic and should be proud, bet your grandaughter is well pleased you running round with her and you sound like you rearly enjoying your new found energy!

    Keep smiling,


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