No Smoking Day
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1 Month!!!! ;-))

I knew I would get here, just Like I know I will get to 2 month, 3 month, 4 month......and on and on!!

I'm glad to say that the tiredness has passed now. Even though I'm still sleeping better than I ever have, the tiredness during the day has passed.

The craving are not cravings any more, they are more of a 1 minute passing thing of " wow, i would have had a cig now " but is quickly followed by " but thank god I do not smoke any more " ..... At this moment in time, I seriously could not imagine putting a fag in my mouth and inhaling smoke into my lungs and blowing it out my mouth!! I seriously cannot believe I did it for so long either :(:( SILLY SILLY COW!!!!

Been a few days since I was last on... but I have been living it up recently :o but it's been really nice!!

Had a conversation with my mum today ( she has given up too ) and she was asking how I felt..cos I'm further on in my quit. I said " I'm feeling great now.....I had a few bad nights in the first couple of weeks..... last week was the last time I had a dream.....I was out with friends and I had a sneaky fag, and I felt so bad afterwards that I cried and cried...and could not believe I had smoked...and could not believe I was back on day one " .... my mum just smiled and said " Looks like you kicked it kid!! " and you know what... she is 100% right ;)

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Thats fantastic news!

Well done!!!

First month is a good feeling and it just gets better and better.

I am at the end of Month 2 and feeling so confident now. and like you, cant imagine actually smoking a cigarette ever again.




Slinky .... You know what ? I Love your attitude, that is the same tune as i am playing, not about ifs buts or maybes, this is for real and more importantly for life .... brilliant ... well done indeed.

Im right behind ya ... getting on with it ;)

Well done again ;)


I love your positive post, it encourages me and makes me believe I can do it too. Well done and thankyou



thanks guy's.... you lot have been a massive part of my quit!! and I cant tell you just how much I appreciate it :D

Good luck to everyone else!! you know you can all do this!! cos it's the best thing you will ever do ;)


As far as im concerned theres no CAN about it.... its WILL ;)

Well done again ;)


Hi Slinky :D

WOW well done indeed you're doing great Big Hug for you

Please tell your Mum well done for me and give her a hug as well


Marg xxxxxx


Well done Slinky your doing great! Well done to your mum aswel!!!

Loving the positive attitude!

Lottie -x-


Hi Slinky,

Congratulations on getting past 1 months quit.:D Well done, and keep going.



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