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10th day

hey gang been doing okay for 10 days now last night I had though I had a very strong urge to light one up. I always used to keep 3 emergency cigs in my desk in case I ran out and I had forgotten about them in there. Was not having the best of days, I guess thats where the urge came from, but rather than giving in I just broke the 3 cigs and threw them in the trash. It was very tough to do but I figured if I had lit one up then I would not be able to say I have not had a cig in 10 days and I would just be letting myself down and everyone on this site down as well.

on a side note to, (this might not be too pleasent but) I have noticed I have been coughing up a lot of mucus and scary looking stuff, I have however been able to breath deeper and better. I would like to continue to rid my system of this awful stuff and be able to get out as much as possible, just wondering if you guys had some tips for me, like should I be inhaling something or taking something that will loosen the stuff and promote it to come out more so or will just take time. Thank you all for your advice and keep up the good work.

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hi congrads on your 10 day quit. Yes its very easily done to have a cigarette when your having a bad day as i have done that a few times myself.

Just keep strong and fighting against them nicotine demons



Well done on day 10 and throwing those fags away. For your chest you could try steam like you do when you have a cold. Fill up a bowl get a towel and stick your head over it and that should help to loosen it up a bit more.


Hi Agron :D

Great 10 days done and dusted, Sorry you had a strong crave last night but well done not lighting up, also glad to hear you broke and binned those emergency ones you had left

As for the gunge you're coughing up this is natural and normal for lots, but not all of us, it will stop when your lungs have cleared it all out, don't worry about it, You could take an expectorant cough medicine which may help


Marg xxxxxxxxx


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