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wii fit challenge?

we all need a rush dudes:eek:

we all need to get a bit fitter:p

someone was talkin about eatin too much now that they are a happy overeating nonsmoker:rolleyes:

food and stoppn smokin seems to be a recurring theme-so it might b a gud idea:D

so i was thinkin could we have 'an international wii fit challenge' thread maybe in and around day one-

my idea was this- there are 7 days in a week-well as far as i know-wikipedia told me to slide on thicko and get a life-so we cud all assume th 7 days duration of said week-

if we rested on a sunday (!) that leaves 2 groups of 3 days-or 3 groups of 2 days-see?choice leads to confusion!

so here it is-minimalist-if we each had mon tue wed to complete a wii fit and log the results in the international wii fit challenge" henceforth abbreviated to IWFC thread it might be a bit of crack-then therd b thur fri sat for ur second session-and again log results-i know we'r all very busy and important people who spend th other 10% of our days saving th planet and so might not be able to commit to any more sessions-also 2 might be enough dudes- ther's also the option of 3 sessions per week-that is the above only 3 times per week!

now i dont know who has a wii or not ect etc etc-just and idea-

anyone who doesnt know wat a wii is cud check with th younger end of their family, find out how it goes and lie threw their teeth as to their fitness age-thats fine by me-

any takers dudes-

ps-hope ur quits are goin well-

pps-1 hour 49 minutes into my day11 and i aint argued wi nobody-RESULT!

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sounds a good idea in theory john

..but I'm afraid, as much as I am not enjoying putting on the pounds...

I think that thinking about thinking about and then doing a wii (? ) fit would have me screaming up the wall for a cigarette..

I'm happy to wait until around three months before I even think about weight..

..and actually, I think my sugar intake is reducing as i move through week two...

However good luck to you John...I'm sure its a great idea if you can put it into practice..


Ok, good, who is going to buy me a Wii??? anyone?:p


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