No Smoking Day
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How stressed !!!!

Having a REALLY bad day.

I run a PC that runs a web server for my websites

You will notice that if you click on any of the links above ..... None work as of 1850 18th April, This has been the case for most of the day.

The day turned bad when I went to install itunes for my wife's Iphone... wouldn't install.....with various errors

I rebooted the PC and tried again.... I couldn't find one of the hard drives in the machine (it has 3)

I rebooted the machine again .... it would not start !!!!

Opened the cover, checked the power from the Power supply unit .....Nothing grrrr

Nipped to shop - Bought new power supply

Fitted - working ---- But ----- One of my hard drives has gone grrrrr - This is the one that all my programs are installed on and now virtually nothing works.....

I am now formatting and reinstalling everything.... thank goodness I have the laptop ....:cool:

As you can probably appreciate I have been pretty stressed this afternoon and have been gasping for a smoke ..... really strange as its nearly 7 weeks since my last .....:eek:

I've got through it !!!

Thank god ....... I would have hated myself if I had gone and bought a packet....

I am back in control of myself !!!!


p.s. Thanks all for letting me rant

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Hi Greg :D

Sorry you've had such a rough day but well not for not giving in to the stress

Hope you feel better for the rant, they really help sometimes


Marg xxxxxx


Greg, Sorry your having a bad day, but congratulations for not lighting up!!

Rant all you want if it makes you feel better, just don't smoke.


Hi Greg

Sorry your having a sh*t day hope it improves soon and well done for staying strong.xxxxxxxxxx


What a crap day :eek: I have a tip for you though!! BOOT the computer.... and I don't mean the normal way of BOOTING a computer... I really do mean KICK IT... REAL HARD!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :D


Mad Marcher gone Mad

:(Hey Greg, Not like u, I was like that this afternoon, getting annoyed driving and all lights changing to red when I got there.... P.....ed me right off....

Not usually easy to wind up, but must have been having a big crave......

Anyway took £40 of my "cash for ash" and brought a designer pair of sun glasses...... Felt alot better driving home...... Glad u got through your horrible afternoon..... Makes u think your going mad Ha ha :D


I really do mean KICK IT... REAL HARD!!!!

Nooooooo Couldnt do that :(.... It's been a hobby for years .... this is the first bit of bother I've had for about 4 years with it .....

Anyway thanks all for you words... Im calming down now thank goodness

Looking back ... what would a smoke have done for me anyway ..... :confused:


Hi Greg :D

A smoke would only have made you madder than ever with yourself instead of your Computer

When mine plays up I threaten it with the nearest available Window

Seems to Work HA HA


Marg xxxxxxxx



I feel your pain.

I gave up smoking in the middle of building work happening here. Its not going well and the costs are escalating and the problems we are finding are turning my loving home into a money pit!!!!

There have been times when I have thought of smoking but like you said what exactly would that have solved? Would the cigarette jump out of my mouth and fixed the collapsed sewer pipe, rewired the place without knocking a hole in my stupidly expensive wallpaper or kept the place dust free for the last 4 months??? Nahhhh course not.

Its great when you write it all down isnt it!!

I shall keep your links to nosey at your work when its all back up and running.




Right .... Windows reinstalled....

Websites up and running.... maybe intermittant... as I have to do restarts for other things....

Time for stella !!!! ;)


Hi Greg :D

Just had a quick shuftie

Looks good


Marg xxxxx


well done for not smoking !!

I've had the mother of stressful days this week, couldve easily gone through 20 cigs, but doesnt take away the stress. If anything makes you feel more stressed that you gave in, for what?? Life takes some getting used to without smoking, but its a much better life without them.

Keep strong Greg you should feel proud of yourself:)


I really do mean KICK IT... REAL HARD!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :D

Does the same apply for when one's laptop decides to be a complete b*****d?:p

Sorry to hear about your troubles Greg, I can relate, my laptop has been non stop playing up and to make things worse, I've had to listen to OH complain that his PC is being awkward aswel:mad: I don't know why we bother:confused:haha

Lottie -x-


computer love em and ....

Greg .... many years ago I heard an experienced computer tech saying that even the most competent have times when they want to throw the thing out the window. :eek:

GREAT WORK on loving the computer :) and NOT LIGHTING UP :cool:

I also found out a few days ago WHY the technical support teams are SOOOO patient with illiterate computer users such as me..

.. One of them told me they learn PATIENCE while learning to write programs...looking for a needle in a haystack when the program is not working.. takes enormous PATIENCE... and love of computers and computer language..

I see now you are one of those patient computer whizzes greg... wish i had the know... I enjoy my capabilities and find my laptop enables indepth research... finding recipes.. .. home made dog food.. home made laundry detergent



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