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Day 10 - Avoid stress

Survived a weekend from hell!

I'm sure I'm not the only one to have the occassional weekend where 2 small kids can turn into monsters from Saturday morning until Sunday night.. So that's the kind of weekend I've had (including one classic 3 year olds tantrum in the middle of a shop, leaving me to carry him out through crowds of shoppers).

The OH has then come down with a cold (or woman flu, which involves lying in bed dying until 8pm when the kids go to sleep, and then having a recovery until 8am the next morning)..

Oh, and on top of that, the TV broke on Sunday morning, and the whole of Copenhagen city centre is sealed off all week for a bike race, meaning it's impossible to get it fixed until next weekend (no buses or cars allowed to drive in)..

On a good point.. I ran 6k yesterday, and on top of not having any problems with my calf, I could feel that my breathing was MUCH improved already!

Ah well.. Thank god for work today! and ANOTHER DAY with no fags!

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Oh Barney well done for surviving and do you feel better for getting that off your chest? :)

I do not envy you with small children, mine have grown up and left home and believe me my tolerance of toddlers is nil let alone when quitting it would be minus nil :).

Although the woman flu bit I can understand. I think I would feel ill until the kids went to bed as well :D she is not daft.

You have done great getting through the stress of the weekend and with the tv breaking down as well.



wow barney

wat a weekend absolutely well done for staying smoke free

i kinda enjoy the feeling of stress and knowing i dont need to smoke its quite empowering

keep up the good work


Cheers folks..

Yes, it's a great relief to be able to moan away!!

"Unfortunately", I'm working abroad from tomorrow for a few days, so I get to stay in a hotel and sleep late!!

This is also one of my trigger times though, so I need to be on my guard. I'm going to pack my running gear, to make sure I keep busy in the evenings, and avoid those cigs. When I get through this trigger though, I think I will have come over a big hurdle..


I know you can do it. I have no doubts.

If you can survive a weekend like that you can do anything :)



Congratulations for surviving. :cool:

Every time you find it challenging and don't give in is making it easier in the long run.


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