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Day six - feeling stronger by the day


Good Morning everyone I woke up today actually feeling refreshed. I went out last night (didnt drink - alcohol is not recommended for a good few months in my opinion and experience) was out with a smoking friend , and other than a few minor pangs I didnt care a jot !!!

In the pub i played "Spot The Smoker" ....... Yes thats right they were the ones who looked grey and tired and old !!!! DO I WANT TO LOOK LIKE THAT !!??? Not on your life....

So its Day 6 and Im still here, and this time you know what Im going to do it !!! COME ON EVERYONE THIS IS OUR LIFE WE ARE TALKING ABOUT HERE... and smokers dont really have a quality life they have an existence governed by poison rolled up in paper !!!


How all the gang doing ????




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Brilliant EBT GIRL

You sound so positive... excellent keep it up, ypur doing really well ....!!!

:) :) :)

Hi EBT GIRL You sound soooo strong. Great to hear your doing so well. Yeah I know what you mean about spot the smoker. Apart from the look, there's the SMELL. OMG to think that's the way we used to smell. NEVER AGAIN. Your doing so well and going to the pub and everything.

I can't tell you how proud of you I am.


Thanks guys - proud of you two as well

Hi Greg and Hopeful

Thanks for the support. Yeah I am feeling strong today, but as you both know some days we are stronger than others and we all still need the support. I feel this forum is pulling me through, its brilliant !!!

Yep stop the smoker is a good one..... and yeah to think we used to stink like that, i actually believed I didnt smell whilst I was smoking... hmmmm



Hi EBT, good on you going out last night and having a good night without the need for a cig,,,, U have passed a trigger, Keep up the good work, U sound positive and determined this time....Kaz :D

Hi EBTgirl,

You are doing great and you sound better than you have before, well done.


Great post EBTgirl

I know what you mean about spot the smokers I was playing that game yesterday when shopping guessing if they smoked by their look then having a sniff when i walked passed lol. Good job no one knows what is going on in my mind except you lot :D

Hi E B T Girl :D

Day 6 you're doing really well and sound strong and positive this time

I don't want to be rude but you've never sounded this upbeat before

Keep it up, I think this is your time OK


Marg xxxxxxxxxxxx

Great Job EBT!!

I wanted to post here because today is my day 6!

The cravings are starting to calm down now! I have regained so much smell, in fact at work I smelled something a little sour, I turned to a coworker and said what is that smell? he said what are you talking about it always smells like that!!! (that is the only downside so far, smelling stinky things I didn't know were there)

Another coworker asked how I was doing it? (quiting) he said "you went cold turkey?" I said yup! he shook his head and said " you are really strong". Wow, that made me feel GREAT! (he is a smoker himself who has never been able to quit)

I do have to say the only other thing I have noticed that I am hungry more, and when I get hungry, I get HUNGRY!!! and I need to eat right then!! where in the past I would smoke a cig and calm the hunger.

So I have given myself the first week to eat what I want when I want, can't quit and "watch my diet" all in the same week. So this next monday will be a week without smokes, I plan on starting a serious workout routine! I can't wait to see my endurence without having cigs to weigh me down!!

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