Natallie makes it to day 2

Yesterday was a day of two halves, up to 12PM my brain was more frazzled than usual, from 12PM onwards it was plain sailing - easier than expected.

Plans for today - make it through to day 3.


I have been quit for 1 Day and 34 seconds (1 days). I have saved £4.13 by not smoking 20 cigarettes. I have saved 1 hour and 40 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 15/04/2009 00:30

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  • Natallie, Good going! Keep it up and before you know it the first 72 hours will be over then the first week!

  • Hi Natalie :D

    Very well done to you just hang in there OK


    Marg xxxxxxx

  • Well done Natalie, keep smiling ;)

  • Excellent progress, well done. x

  • keep going and stay positive! See you on day 3!

  • Hi Hunnie

    Well done on your day 2 your doing great. Onwards to day 3 first few days are the worse and you have almost done thats.xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Well done Natallie, it gets better mate ;)

  • Gets Easier

    Well done, u should be proud, It will only get easier for u now....

    Welcome to the forum Everyone on here gives brilliant advice and help along the way.. Good or bad days.... Kaz :cool:

  • happy days dude:cool:

    u'r doin it:p

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