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No Smoking Day
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Can't believe it.... truly

Well..... up and into month 3 and feeling good :D

And yes..... I was one of those committed smokers who was terrified of quitting.... one of those who NEVER thought she would get this far. I spent $500 once to go see a hypnotherapist unlimited times (guarantee to quit thing)..... man, that guy hated me after like a million sessions :D Don't know why I bothered.... I went there with my smokes KNOWING I would smoke them after.....

I knew you had to 'WANT TO STOP" and I just didn't know what that looked like..... how could you learn to not want to???? I wanted to smoke but I also wanted to quit..... fear is of course what kept me smoking. Then after many tries I just got pissed..... I was still scared but too mad something like this had a hold of me. After a week or so into the quit I realized I could NEVER do this again...... so it was either being a smoker until I die or continue on with this quit...... so again fear played into it but at least this time fear was going to steer me the right direction :) I went day by day and being on here has really enlightened me. Many, many good posters...... and finally a couple of months in I learned to WANT TO STOP..... it just became obvious. I think it would have been an easier quit if I had known more before :D

Everyone on here has motivated me...... I have spent hours and hours on here and it has been a journey...... a journey I felt I was not on alone. Thank you everyone!!!



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Welcome Bella!!!!!

Good to see you in here my little quit buddy. There have been many hard times to get this far and I am sure there will be an occasional one in the future. I agree that now, instead of bemoaning what has been lost, you get a feeling of enjoying facing the fear of the crave. And each time its faced, the quieter it becomes. 9 months left till we hit the penthouse! You deserve a big fat well done. xxxxx


Well done Fiona and Bella on getting to this stage, the first ones from "Doing fine since Feb '09" to get here aren't you? It will be good when we can all join you. Any way keep it up you two. David xxx



:DHi Bella & Fiona, A massive big congratulations, I too would not be here if it was'nt for everyone. I really appreciate everyones help. I love hitting milestones and beating triggers now. I am on day 36 today and really enjoying quitting now (which I never thought I would say).

Reading your posts as your a month earlier was and is a definate help.

Thanks very much Kaz x :p


Hi Bella :D

Into month 3 that's wonderful you beat of your fear and panic and did it big hug on it's way just for you

Yes you're right you do have to Want To Stop or it won't work for you

You ahve every right to be very proud of yourself


Marg xxxxxxx


Well Done :D !!!!

I hope you are still smiling at the though of "I can do this" - I know I am and I love the feeling....

Without a doubt it's got to be one of the best feelings ever !!!

Keep it up !!!:D


Thanks everyone for the very kind words.... so many amazing people on here :D

It really feels 'easy' now..... a bit worried because some have mentioned those evil '3s'..... will the nicodemon surprise me a few more times with whole hearted effort in month 3? If so.... bring it on then :D

Keep it up everyone :D.... stay :cool:



All you have to do is just recognize that some idiot is out on the street calling your name. Call the cops and go back to bed.

On Day 3, you'd have to go out there and physically remove him. Week 3, you have to yell at him for a little while. Month 3 -pfft... childs play.

Hahahah.... thanks for that :D I'll be looking out for that idiot then :D



Congratulations on reaching month three. I'm almost finished with the 3rd month. It wasn't bad at all. Had a flu that was going around so felt loosey for a couple of weeks, but that had nothing to do with the quit, just the flu. Still had a few thoughts of smoking, but easily handled, was surprised that I had any at all this far into quit! (Should have known better, lol) Just set your mind that it's going to be a piece of cake and it will be! Keep going!


Well done on going into your 4th month!! Glad to hear your 3rd month wasn't as bad as expected ;)


Thanks Jody :) Glad to hear your 3rd month went relatively easy..... expecting the same! My goal is (and I can't really do anything but be patient and wait) to have a day of no smoking thoughts at all by the end of month 3/4??? Wonder if I can manage that :D Let me know when you have one of those :D:D


Bella, I have had days where I haven't thought about a smoke. But still have to deal with triggers about once a month. I too hope I'll have months when I don't think about cigs, but as long as I read this forum and post, I think I'll still think of cigs. Not want one, only have a rare moment when I want one. Talked to a friend who has been quit for over 2 years and she still says she has moments when she will think she wants a cig, but they are just moments and very rare. Don't care if I do think of cigs as long as I don't smoke them and I know that I never will again! Want to hear something funny. When I was a smoker, I had to take allergy pills all the time. Guess what I was alergic too, you got it smoke! lol What smokers do to themselves! Now if I go into a room where people have smoked or are smoking I have to breathe through my mouth because my nose closes up!(Don't take pills anymore) It's really weird.


Congrats to you. I haven't been on here much but dropped in to see how doing fine since 09 are!

Very good news to see you are moving on up!!


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