3rd Day In

My third day without smoking and I have to say my best day so far. I am using the patch and I really don't think I could have done this without them.

I was amazed this morning when my wife and I went to the grocery store. As soon as I walked in I turned to my wife and said "This is amazing, I can smell the fruit".

The cravings are still there mainly after I eat or while watching TV, but a Jolly Rancher candy helps me out with them.

I have no doubt in my mind that I am gonna beat these freaking things.

Peace and Happy Easter all.

3 Replies

  • Hi JTee :D

    Day 3 and already your sense of smell is back and there will be more benefits to come before very long keep it going


    Marg xxxxxxx

  • Well done you. Isn't it great to get sense of smell back? Only one problem with that though, smokers stink. I could never smell it before and now it embarrases me that I used to smell like that. NEVER AGAIN.

    Stay Strong


  • Soon be a week....

    Good on you, Only gets better now, dare I say easier... Kaz ..:D

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