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I did it


Cant believe last night, I didnt want to go out as the 6 people I went out with smoke.... I made excuses all day not to go out. Then on last minute went out...... Had to sit outside freezing while they smoked, in first pub.... Then second pub they kept leaving me while they went out..... But u know what, I am so proud of myself, quite a few drinks later thought I would give in, but stayed strong....... Took me 34 days to go out on that night As have not wanted to go out since I stopped smoking?? I know I can do it now:D

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Hi Kaz :D

Well done you out with 6 people who all smoke and even with a few drinks inside you weren't tempted that is a huge trigger out of the way

You have every right to be proud of yourself and as you say now you Know you can do it


Marg xxxxxxxxx

Well done KAZ !!!

Big Pat on the back for you !!!!

Another hurdle bounded over....

I told you that you could do it.....you wouldn't want to let the MMQ crew down would you :cool::cool:

Be proud of yourself, very, very proud!!!!!!!!! Smoking makes people so bad mannered. Poor you, in the cold. Your confidence must have taken a huge leap.

Death to the nico:eek:demons. By the way, at least you got fresh air, :eek:'s hate that!!!!!!!!!

Stay Strong



Thanks Marg, Greg & Hopeful, It wasnt easy especially after a drink or 6 ha ha but I need to put myself back in those situations,as I wasnt going out...

Hopefully everyone else doing well....... :p

Huge well done Karen, getting over these hurdles makes us stronger for the next time.

Well done hun :) you should be very proud of yourself..also the fact that you didnt stink of fags and have a foul smelling breath at the end of the evening either lol



Well Done to you Karen xxx whooop whoooop!!!! Well ya done it now girl!! no reason to put that situation off any more gal!! cos you know you can do it.

And that goes for everything else now!! :D Well Done :rolleyes:

That's great Kaz, being the only non smoker you must have noticed how much they smelt of smoke after their cigs!

Well done on getting through the night!

Lottie -x-

Well done Kaz

Ypur doing fab Its hard when you are with other smokers sometime so be proud girl your doing great.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Big Thank U

Thanks guys for all the support, it means alot..... And defro what has kept me so strong....:p

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