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hopeful is happy now


Thanks Ali for your reply. It's great to know that there's someone out there and like you I have tried to change my thinking by reading the Allen carr book before I quit. I was smoking roll-ups and through reading I realised that I wasn't enjoying them, I was smoking them 'cos I was an addict!

I want to do this so much and by en large, for most of the time, it's not too bad. But when those cravings strike, they can be all consuming for me and I can't concentrate on anything else.

I will use this forum to see how others are coping and take encouragement from that.

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Yup.... craves can be most horrid..... they sure used to turn me stupid..... still get a crave here and there but you learn to manage them easy compared to the beginning of a quit. I would read Allen Carr all the time in the beginning to maintain a 'good' attitude.... Hang in there.... and stay positive!


good to see another joining the forum. Its the best place to be to rant when the craves get bad. Read lost re the links added to sigs and be positive, you have done brilliantly and are so far down the line already! xx

Hi Hopeful :)

You sound happier already,yes the craves can be a b.......r at times Just jang in thereOK

I put a longer answer on your other thread

Best Wishes


Deke9 Years Smoke Free

Hi Hopeful,

Looks like you are settling in well already. Loads of helpful people around here. This is a great place to share your quitting anxieties - and we all enjoy seeing each others quitting achievemnets too:)

All the best, keep strong.


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