No Smoking Day


Hi All

Well third time lucky. The last attempt ended after 5 days - so done 52 days and then 5 days but not good enough. Life is still very whirlwindy but is very slowly beggining to settle. It has all been a very Sliding Doors period - but the children and I are slowly getting there.

The smoking has to stop for so many reasons - cannot justify one reason to smoke - and at the moment am feeling physically yucky ducky cos had some friends over on Saturday night and smoked too much with them cos I usually smoke 5 and they smoke a lot. My doc would be furious if he knew I was smoking so I know it is essential I do.

Glad to see so many of yous still doing so so well. That is so brilliant!! You all must be so proud of yourselves - I surely am!

Anyways I have to shoot now cos we have run out of food in the house so a trip to Tescos with little Matthew is in order - watch out EVERYONE cos my boy is on the loose!!

Am quietly hopeful that this will be the quit for my life.

Have a great day all of you We have had snow but not settled here but settled not far away so maybe a trip out with the sledge is also on the cards!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeee - you're never too old!!


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Awsome me and you together again in this ride lets stick together babe and lets do it you have my email if you need me x


Come on Pops! :)

You can do it this time!;)


Get writing.............

Come on Poppyfairy - there's a whole new story waiting to be written whenver you're feeling tempted !! There's a raft of new characters that would benefit from some of your story-writing..............

And whenever you're feeling tempted, just get yourself on here and knock another chapter out..............

You can do it !!




Come on Poppyfairy you can do it YEEEES


welcome back Poppyfairy!

Great to see you here again, as you can see, we're all rootin' for ya so this is The Time for you to start being a Non Smoker!

best of luck, PF.


Thank you so much Guys

Your support has given me an extra bounce in my step!!!

Well done all of yous.

You are amazing!!!



Aw Poppy hun,

I must be psychic or something because I've just spent a good few minutes wondering where the heck you where gone, and I even posted asking about you in the where's Linda thread ---> only to then find out you had actually posted today and about you starting your new quit :eek::) See that's a sign that you were supposed to come back here today hun :D This time you're so going to make it ;)


Hello my Poppy!! I am sorry I have not been here for you when you were having a rough go of it. I hope things are turing for the better now and you will be able to focus on your health as it is the most important thing and you need it in order to take care of your lovely children.

I read this a long while ago and I would like you to read too. I would like to dedicate this to you!

There may be times when you feel

as if you have taken a million steps towards

your dreams, and acted on your plans, only to find

yourself in the same place that you began from.

At times like this, you must not give up.

You must continue on. Though you may feel

lost, bewildered, and alone, continue to believe

in yourself. Do not allow discouragement and

doubt to blur your vision and wash away

your dreams. Visualize your way beyond the

detours, standstills, and obstacles.

You will realize your dreams. You have

worked hard and taken so many productive

steps in a positive direction that you are bound

to succeed. Whatever the hurt of the moment

may be, it will pass. Tomorrow is always a

new dawn. Today, you must pause, rest, catch

your breath, and then look ahead. Each step

will bring you closer to your dreams. The

rainbows and the love that you deserve are in

sight. Happiness is just around the next turn.

~ Vicki Silvers ~

I know you can do it this time my buddy ~ you really deserve to be freed from that demon. Hang in here my lovely - you will win!!

Loads of love being sent your way and a huge hug too!




hiya pops!!:D

and welcome home!!!! you will do it this time!! just do ya best, b positive & strong, we're all behind you!

good luck & best wishes!!

love poskit.x:)


you can do it

well done, stay tuned, we're here for you - if however you don't know how to pull through go to your GPask for for Zyban or Champix ( WHICH I SUCCEDED WITH)- THERE ARE SOME CONTRAINDICATIONS FOR IT, BUT YOU JUST NEED TO DISCUSS IT WITH YOUR GP AND HOPEFULLY HE IS SUPPORTIVE - VERY GOOD LUCK TO YOU!

Victoria :)


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