No Smoking Day
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A first!

Morning everyone,

Thought I'd share a new experience with you that I had on Saturday night...

I'd been to a party and was a bit tipsy (didn't smoke though despite the fact that half the guests kept disappearing outside - now I know what it feels like to be on the other side), but I digress. Whilst wobbling my way home a bloke shouted across the road 'Hey, have you got a light?', to which I replied 'No! I don't smoke!' How cool was that! I felt quite chuffed with myself!

Little things eh, they do make a difference.

Day 28 and still going... Well done to all the MMQ Crew and everyone else.

TT x

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Hi T T :D

Great going on day 28 well done I hope you fell proud of yourself

So you got tipsy on Saturday night, didn't smoke and on the way home when asked for a light said I DON'T SMOKE and I can imagine how good that felt Big Hug on it's way


Marg xxxxxxxxxx

Hi C J M

Well done you out Saturday night for the first time since you quit and although you say you thought about it constantly you didn't smoke either so well done to you as well

9 days quit is great Big Hug on it's way to you


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Morning all,

Well done on braving the nights out! I haven't got there yet but me and OH are going out for dinner and drinks at the end of the month (his treat to me for doing so well:D) so will see how I cope without the cigs!

I'm on my 9th day too! this is the longest I've ever lasted:D

Lottie -x-


Hiya TT,

A good feeling ain't it. I also like the look on the faces of some of my friends (mostly the ones who still smoke!) when I say No to the opportunity for a fag - a mixture of admiration (i think) envy (possibly) and guilt (I'm pretty sure!). It all makes me feel positive and more determined to stay strong and stay clean.

4 weeks is excellent - well done you.



i am yet to attempt a drunken night out on thursday fingers crossed although my mates dont smoke so should distract me....

i may find myself standing outside just out of habbit watching everyone else.. hope they have bouncers to keep me under control ha ha x


Hello TT,

You did well partying without smoking, well done.



Thanks everyone!

Yes, I worried about the drinking thing too, but was determined not to weaken, even under the influence! My friend said to me before we went out, 'oh, don't worry if you have one, it's not the end of the world' which made me a bit cross and touched my stubborn streak and I thought bu@@er that! I've come this far I will not smoke! And it worked!

To be honest the worst thing was being left inside whilst everyone else went outside, you do feel like you're missing something, but the up side was that when they came in again they stank! Ha!

The rule is if you go out for a few drinks don't go outside! Simples!

CJM and Jewls - well done on you Day 9, brilliant!

TT x


Sorry, I ment CJM and Lottie - Well done on 9 days, and Jewls well done too!

Sorry, I'm easily confused!



He he! :)


Gotta admit I lurve it when people offer me a fag and I get the chance to fire the "no thanks I don't smoke line":D


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