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Onwards and Upwards into Month 4!

Upwards quite literally - nearly. I went to my first horse show of the year yesterday. This was the one situation that I was dreading being a non-smoker as I have ALWAYS smoked when at a show! I get quite nervous and stressed so I have always relied on a few ciggies to get me through.

Anyway having had 3 months of smoke free, I wasn't as worried. Then, when we went to compete, my naughty horse mistook the dressage arena for a rodeo ring and put on quite performance!

When we came out the ring I got off him and I could have cried. I said to my husband 'OMG - I wish I smoked!' hoping that he would offer me one of his. Luckily he didn't!

Anyway - he went to get me a cup of tea, I calmed down then entered my next class and came a credible 5th!

That's another - and the biggest - hurdle over as far as facing situations without the need for a ciggie!

Apart from that moment - I don't think about smoking any more, even when hubby is smoking and we are sitting outside with a bottle of wine.

It is such a FAB feeling being free!!!

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Well done you!! so proud of you for not smoking in such a stressfull situation

And fifth-hey not bad not bad at all xxxxx


Congrats on both up and into month4 and 5th place :D Hats off to you as well and all the others who quit with their other halves still smoking! You guys deserve extra congrats!!!


Hi Jerry-Lee :D

Well done you 3 months completed that's great and well done also in the horse show as well




Thankies everyone!

I just wanted to get the message over that even when feeling stressed and in a situation where you REALLY want to smoke - if you give it a few minutes, the feeling goes and then .... you feel FANTASTIC that you didn't give in.

So - to anyone who feels like they might just cave in when faced with one of those moments - just give it a few moments, the need WILL pass.

I know I can face all those tough moments, like holidays, having too much to drink etc, etc without needing to smoke.


Hi Ms Lewis - stranger...

Well done on the 3 months, and on the 5th place horsey thingy - pity your picture was miniscule - not entirely sure why, unless you've got a 10MPixel camera or something..

I've only been a bit of a stranger because I have been soooo busy - I do miss you all though if I don't get chance to log in.

Not sure why the picture is so small. I did resize it so it doesn't take an age to upload but think I might have pressed the wrong button!

Have put some new piccies on my profile though of the more successful class!


3 months already? Wow - thats gone quick!

Well done on the horsey thing, and if thats the one situation you were nervous of and still didn't smoke when it went wrong you should be proud of yourself - congrats :D


Well done Nicki :)

I knew back in January that you would do it :D see you in the penthouse im sure.

Well done on coming 5th at the weekend : )




Well done Nicki, times flown by!!

Denise, how are you, great to see you :)


Congratulation on 3 months!


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