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Big urges, was it enjoyable?

Been driving around, dropping off kids to various clubs etc. Lovely sunny evening, lots of people about. My eyes are like magnets to those that are smoking, and they all look like they're enjoying themselves! Such a contrast to how it looks on a miserable grey day.

I was especially looking forward to the nice, lighter evenings, but now I'm not so sure?

Sorry for sounding so miserable, just feeling a bit jacked off that I'm having such strong urges. Fighting that little voice telling me that just one won't hurt.

Thankfully I'm sitting in a hall watching my daughter do gymnastics, and it will be dark by the time I get home, so the moment should have passed.

Hope it rains tomorrow:o

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Oh heck Lozza... I hate to hear when people feel Crappy :(

You are doing so so well!! and just think, while its lovely and sunny, you are breathing all the fresh air...while them sat outside fagging it never will unless they quit.

And even when our weather goes cold and we can choose to stay in doors all wrapped up in a blanket in front of fire, they will be the envious ones of you!! cos they will still have to go outside and freeze their tads off... all in the name of addiction ;)


Doing Brill

Hey Lozza dont like to hear that when your quit date in January, thought it would be a little easier for you. But u have done fantastic, know what u mean though about spotting smokers, Doesnt bother us though does it cos they dont smell pleasant!!! Also think of all the advantages, its got to be worth it?? Keep going, u will regret it at this stage after doing so well if u give in to Nic Kaz:cool:


I know what you mean and you are absolutely right. But nearly all through my quit I've had this niggle that despite what I've read and believe to be true, surely there must have been pleasure there as well? I'm a relatively intelligent person and find it hard to believe that I did something for 20 years and got nothing from it? I still think I'm missing out on something I once got pleasure from.

In the crap weather I can sit inside and gloat, but these new feelings have taken me by suprise.

Maybe this association will be weakened a bit by tomorrow, roll on nightfall.


Hi Lozza :D

Sorry you're feeling down at the moment, but you know most of those people are envying you right now

Just continue to fight that little voice, you know it's lying to you don't you ?

Only you know whether or not you enjoyed smoking or not, but if you did here's a question for you


Most of us on here are relatively intelligent yet that addiction caught us all so we will all fight it together OK


Marg xxxxxxxxx


It's the classic nicodemon trap I guess. And of course if smoking was a pleasure, why did I want to stop. I can actually recall the odd time when a cigarette felt pleasurable, it didn't happen on a daily basis, not even sure if it was weekly, but it did happen. But there's no such thing as just one, is there?and if there were, how would you know if it's going to be that nice one?

Feeling a bit nervous as well cos we're taking the caravan away over Easter, that's always been accompanied by drink and BBQ and of course smoking. Although I used to be the biggest smoker, only two others who smoke and one of them I live with. I'm sort of looking forward to it with trepidation. I'll make sure to keep my phone charged so I can come on here for support.

I guess every association encountered is another one off the list. This one's quite a biggy for me though, feeling a bit nervous.


Lozza, I know what ya mean. I am going camping next week to Anglesey :D..and i'm a little nervous how I will cope with it all without spoiling it with silly craves. But i'm determined!! and I know I have never felt so good as I have this last 10 days...and it can only get better!! I also know..if I caved in I would never forgive myself, cos I never want to go through that 3rd day EVER EVER AGAIN!! it was a bad one, and that's what keeps me going.

I'm just gonna bare in mind that, Anglesey is a beautiful place and this time I get the full CLEAN AIR effect, where as before I was a fagger!! :( and didn't know what I was missing ;)


All that fresh air, Mmmmmm. Just remembered a horrid camping incident 2 years ago, family in caravan next door complained our cigarette smoke was blowing in through their windows and could we not smoke outside the van.

I wonder how many others found it a pain but didn't say anything? How embarrassing.


Hi Lozza,

I know what you mean about being nervous about some situations - I am sure it won't be half as difficult as you think! I have been nervous about certain situations where cigarettes have always featured strongly but then when the time comes, I have found it relatively easy to get through it. Maybe because I am mentally prepared or maybe because I know that I love being a non-smoker but I do know that each situation I have faced has made me that little bit stronger.

Those who are newer to quitting - don't be put off that us that are 3 months in still have a longing for a ciggie. Believe me, these are not cravings, just passing thoughts. At about 3 months, the novelty and the excitement of being a non-smoker has worn off, you start to feel as though you've cracked it - therefore the odd one ciggie won't hurt etc etc! It's just a case of the wobbly 3s the 3rd day, 3rd week and 3rd month are a bit tough for many!


My apologies to anyone who's just stopped smoking. I remember in my first 2 weeks reading posts months away and being horrified that people were still struggling.

For the record. The cravings aren't terrible, they take you by suprise in certain situations. We can never anticipate every situation and be prepared, but I've got through my situation today by speaking about it, with you guys.

Please, do not be put off.


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