No Smoking Day
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Day 10! Go me!

I haven't smoked for 10 days!!! :)

The good thing is that that's the hard bit over with now, so if I can get to 10 days and over the worst of it, there's no reason why I ever need to smoke again :)

I'm not being complacent, just positive thinking.

You know that the hardest bit for me stopping was getting my brain to agree with me that it was a good idea. Once my brain decided to give it a go and stop fighting me it was easier. To be honest the cravings haven't been that bad, and in a strange way I have enjoyed them( Me saying to myself "come on then cravings, is that all you have got!). Ok, I realise i'm going nuts, but i'm going nuts in a healthy way ;)

Last week I was very stressed, found myself picking fights with 'orrible motorists,myself, shoppers, myself, colleagues, myself, and just generally and living or inaminate object.

But guess what, Round 1 to me :)

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Thats a really uplifting post, and a great attitude.

Thats a winners atttude - "no matter what happens, I am not going to smoke".

Superb stuff, well done and keep it going.


yay! well done!

keep up the great work x


whey, day 10 for me to :D and I am feeling just like you .... It's brill..and is getting easier and easier every single hour!!! Only bad hour I have had was day 3.. after that it just got better and better... good luck to everyone xx


Hi David :D

Wonderful post and well done on 10 days quit and you're right there is absolutely no need for you to smoke ever again

Go David Go


Marg xxxxxxxx


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