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Day 4 and finding it a bit tougher

Hi there fellow quitters,

It's the latter part of Day 4 for me and I'm not feeling so good... The determination is as strong as ever, I know I won't cave, but I'm just sharing with all you lovely people that I feel tired, worn out and a bit generally yucky!!

I think I've not had it too bad generally, though. But I've not had much in the way of physical reactions that were too unpleasant, and the cravings have been milder than I expected The first evening was quite tough, the next couple of days ok - but today I'm not liking myself much at all.

But I will grin and bear it until the crap feelings pass - which I know they will - and i look forward to that. I'll be back here later or tomorrow with (hopefully) better news.

P.S. Did the March Quitters gang settle on a name yet?

I'd really like to be in the group, but like some others don't think I'm that good at coming up with catchy or clever names and would go with the consensus.


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Hey Deke,

No, think we're still nameless. We should have a poll....pick our fav from the ideas!

Sorry you've been feeling crappy. I seem to swing through all emotions in the space of 5 minutes, or so it seems. Cravings are not happening as often though, which is good. It's exhausting trying to be so positive all the time - doesn't come naturally to me ;)

Spoke to a friend today who quit 3 years ago. Her advice was not to worry about/focus on how your feeling today or even this minute because it's so fleeting - soon we'll feel like non-smokers, just like she does.


Hi Deke :)

So sorry you feel a bit yukky but this will pass I promise and you are already over half way through the first and worst week and things really will start to get easier for you

I am sure you'll feel better tomorrow and most likely by tonight




Thanks Scaredy, thanks Marg,

Must say, am feeling a bit better than I did when i posted this afternoon. :) As you say, more than half the first week gone now, something to feel positive about (i know what you mean about the exhaustion of feeling positive all the time - well, i give myself a break from that now and then and come back stronger)

Here's to day 5:):) See you there



Hi there.

Sometimes you just need to 'post it out loud', then wait for a few replies. You more than likely feel better by then. Hope today will be better.


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