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day 8 still feeling good


i dont want to jump too far ahead of myself but i realy think ive cracked it.

im now on day 8 ct and im no longer light headed just been to newsagents and sombody was smoking outside and the smell stunk!!!!! making me more determined not to smoke, and every morning i feel more in control. i dont want to sound smug , but i havnt found it really hard just light headed the first 3 days and feeling hugary all the thime,but im not climbing walls or stressed so hopfully the worst is over and can look forward to a smoke free summer yiippppppppeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!anyways all you march quitters keep up the good work and let me know how you coping cheers dave......

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morning Dave.. excellent news that its going so well for you.. I had a good listen to Allen Carrs audio book (once a day while at work) and found it much easier than previous attempts.. I really do think that quitting is more of a state of mind than anything else.. sure there is a physical addiction that kept us coming back for more but I think we manage to convince ourselves that we actually 'need' ciggies and create much more of a problem ourselves than the physical addiction ever did.

keep at it and keep that positive attitude.


Hi Dave & Mike :D

Really well done both of you I am so pleased this is going so well for you with no problems

But may I just add a word of warning please don't get complacent and continue to read as those sneaky little b.......d Nico :eek: Demons can creep up on you at any time Remember you don't need that fag but they do desperately just to stay alive

I truly hope they continue to leave you alone



Hi there Mike & Dave,

So glad to here that your quit is going so well for you.

I do believe that if you are in the right mindset that it does get easier.

Keep positive :D

Best of luck to you both ;)



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