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Hey :-)

I've stopped for 3 weeks now :)

I've enjoyed it, I feel great and I've had a mostly easy first few weeks.

However tonight I've had a particularly awful time, I've had a few drinks (despite the fact that I've actually drunk throughout my stop period before this) and I've been having constant cravings throughout the night - I've cried in front of my boyfriend and all my friends and his, and I feel totally embarassed.

I keep trying to rationalise everything but nothing seems to be working, and it perplexes me how this has not happened really throughout the whole three weeks previous that I have stopped.

Whether it's the alcohol or not, I think the idea that I can never smoke again is making me feel depressed and I'm concerned.

I have another NHS meeting tomorrow, but I don't think they are much help.

And also my boyfriend who has never smoked has tried to give me support, but part of me is thinking that he does not understand as he has never smoked.

I hope this gets better!

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I meant that despite the fact that I've been drinking throughout my "stop smoking" period, I have not had the same cravings before. :)


Hey coralie

Sorry you feel so bad but trust me it will get better. Read the links you will find on marg, and others signatures and read how the nic demon gets to you. Once you know what's going on you will be able to come through this. You're doing great.

I was a wreck last weekend but much better this weekend. We all have down days but they get fewer.

Congraltulations- you have chosen not to smoke today x

Good luck - keep Reading and posting



Hey Coralie,

it does get better.... from what I hear, the 3's can be tough.... day 3, week 3, month 3..... for me week 3 was worse than week 1..... not sure why!!! Keep going and it WILL get easier! Make sure though you keep a positive attitude and remind yourself of all the great reasons to have quit in the first place! You have come so far so just keep going! Thinking about 'I can never smoke again' is nicdemon talk.... he's trying to get you back... for real!! It is negative thinking which makes the cigarette 'special', then we feel deprived and as soon as you feel that way, cravings get intense (believe me I have had plenty of practice glorifying fags)..... it is a poisonous stick which slowly kills you, robs your freedom, and makes you smell soooooo badly!! I am sure you boyfriend thinks you smell so good now! If it has not been so bad then it will be easier again soon...... just hang in their and think positive :):)


Hi Coralie :D

Congratulations you've beaten Nico :eek: Demon again well done you, sorry you feel a bit depressed but most of us have this feeling at some point I promise it will get better for you

Three weeks stopped is great as is your boyfreind supporting, as you say he cannot fully understand but all credit to him for this

So you cried in front of freinds and feel embarassed about this, don't be rather be proud of the fact that you didn't crave instead

You say you try to rationalise everything and this won't work we all have to work through it in our own way and yes this will get better and better the further into your quit you go




Thanks guys :)

Feeling much better today and SO SO glad I didn't smoke :)

This forum is a great help in times of darkness!!



Hi Coralie,

The whole drinking thing is still something that I'm trying to deal with myself.. I still get a few cravings through the day (maybe 10 or so) but they pass within a minute so arnt too much of a problem. But at least 3 times now I've been sat watching tv after a glass or wine or 2 thinking..mmm I wonder if the pub down the road is still open to get some ciggs!

I'm fairly sure that when I'm here watching telly on my own that I'm OK but I'm not so sure about what will happen when I've had a few drinks with friends that smoke, I just hope I can mange to fend off the cravings as you did.

Hope if gets better for you soon



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