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Day 19...mmmmm

Hi folks..

Well after being King Confident over the past few weeks .Today I had my first feeling of weakness.. It wasnt strong or particularly bad but was enough to make me see that I will have to keep my guard up for a while yet.

I let myself brood for too long over feeling like smoking ( the feeling is lifting as I sit here typing this) to the point where I believe it had turned into my first 'craving'.. Usually in the past i would have dismissed any similar feeling straight away before it had the time to fester.. Perhaps its been because Ive just finished a series of night shifts , or perhaps its the tiredness who knows. One things for sure though being able to come here to let it out is a saving grace..

Thanks for that..:D

P.S week four in a few days ... then it will be a month....I can't wait..

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Well it sounds like you have had a pretty easy quit so far, and this is just a twinge to let you know that what you are doing is right.

Nicotine itself is an addictive drug but the physical addiction is quite weak compared to the psychological addiction. Clearly you have your head in the right place which is why you are finding it easy.

There is no reason why it should be any harder from here on in, yes keep your guard up and don't let yourself fall into the "quitting is easy so I can smoke from time to time" trap, but otherwise congrats you seem to have things well under control.




just remember you get those sort of feelings as a smoker ANYWAY!!! the times you can't have a fag-due to flying or been in meetings, or work ect ect-so you might as well have those 'twinges' as a non smoker!!!!:)


Hi Richara :D

19 days is great well done sorry you had a bad crave but you dealt with it so all is well but take notw of what Bic and Shabba are soying to you




don't let yourself fall into the "quitting is easy so I can smoke from time to time" trap,



Nic ..I think there is certainly something in that.. I have been putting effort into staying positive about every aspect of my quit , because of that ive found it quite easy... unfortunately because its been easy I think that has led me into 'dropping my guard' ...hence today.

Thanks to everyone for the continued encouragement


I have a feeling it will continue to be easy for you, so no worries...... from what you say, it sounds like you are a bit tired.... when one gets tired, being positive becomes harder.... so no worries you..... get some sleep and get the 'joy de vivre' back :D nicodemon loves, loves, loves negative thinking and moping..... will get you feeling bad every time..... believe me, I am an expert! Keep up the positive attitude! :):)


Someone ages ago on one of my threads when I first quit mentioned HALT. Now, I am rubbish at remembering but, I use it like this. Correctly or incorrectly: When I crave i ask myself H - am I hungry A - am I angry L - am I lonely and T - am I tired. These feelings can mimic the crave, so its worth asking yourself this question and trying to address this before thinking you are suffering a big crave, as we all know how that can spiral. (says she who has had a couple of massive craves and nearly caved!!!!)

If I am wrong about the HALT thing, then please forgive me!


Bellablue ...Thanks for that message..

And Fionacox ,HALT... its got the hungry and tired thing on the head.. I am too tired to notice anger or lonliness..

I went out cycling thismorning... the screaming pain in my thighs is enough too keep my mind from smoking.. that and tha fact I can barely stand...:D

Thanks to all..



day 19

Richara i just read your thread after i wrote my day 18 one and they are a bit similar !!! Well done to you and all them who replied to you have kind of answered my queries a bit to so thanks to all of you out there.

Well done to you for getting through and reaching this far and being so strong and positive and i do not doubt for one minute you will continue this journey and stay a non smoker.


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