No Smoking Day

I can cope!!!

Woke up feeling so different this morning, so took a chance and went back to my usual morning routine - up, downstairs, coffee, toast, email - only bit missing being fag in conservatory.

So, after lunch, I retrieved my "taunting packet" (with 19 left in it) from top of kitchen worktop and had one. Well, about an inch and a half, actually, and felt viciously sick, with a vile thick and dirty taste in mouth and stinking horrid fingers. That was the moment when I knew it was all going to work out just fine, so everything - down to the last box of matches, Zippo, empty pack, dog end at side of house - is now quite happily in the bin. (Those who have seen my other missives on here may remember that I kept hold of all that stuff in an attempt to face the fear rather than bury it - after all, the temptation will be in every shop and petrol station, so why not get used to it at home?)

I think all those who say "aagh, I caved in and had one and felt disgusted at myself" ought to rejoice instead. It's the most marvellous psychological change in me to light a once blessed and beloved cigaratte and find it repulsive - because of what it is, not because of what it represents. Realising that is, I think, an absolutely essential part of the process, and one without which I'd always be wondering.

So I'm not going to go weeping and wailing back to day one again. I used to think I liked the taste and sensation. Now it's not a part of routine and habit, I actually understand what those around me meant by "disgusting habit" when all I could see was pleasure.

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I did the same on the third day. Made me sick & dizzy but, I also noticed that it did not get rid of the weird feeling that I was putting down to withdrawal symptoms!

It convinced me that I will not smoke again. But I think it's a dangerous method to try as, had I enjoyed it as some do.....I would have started again.:eek:


Hi Iknowtheresananswer :D

You say you woke feeling different and went back to your old routine

Then after lunch you got your taunting pack from the worktop and smoked about an inch and a half and felt viciously sick

But that was the moment you knew this quit was going to work and that's really good and you finally threw everything away WONDERFUL WELL DONE and so you learnt a lesson and can finally say it was a disgusting habit and not the pleasure you thought it was so again I say WELL DONE YOU

But please remember this doesn't always work and if you should try it again it most likely will not work in your favour




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