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No Smoking Day
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Woohoo week three !!!!!

Oh my word I put my week three thread on DAY 3, must have been soo excited i got confused !!!!!

Thanks thanks thanks and so many more thanks to you 3 and of course to all the others for your support and encouragement and kind words. I am so happy with myself and so proud to be a part of this lovely community still. 15 whole days is just such an achievement I just am soooooooo happy and proud of myself !! I have started my new job which is absolutely brilliant and am so fresh and alive !! Yes Marg I understand exactly where you're coming from and I'm so proud I managed to not feel pressured or 'boring'.

I love this forum so much and just don't know how I'd have managed without it and I just know I have done this and can continue doing it, any hiccups or itches that occur I'l shove them aside and get over them !!


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Fantastic stuff Dee Dee, you are doing amazingly well. Pretty soon you'll be posting on 4 weeks and then the calendar month.....

Remember to keep posting away and reading too. If you haven't already have a look at some of the links that some of us display in our sigs. They are there for good reason and will help to make a quit successful.


Good stuff Dee Dee, I love to heare stuff like that.. Just sweep it all aside .. easy peasy... I will be 'seeing' you in week 4,5,6 etc ...I have NO doubt..



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