No Smoking Day

2 Weeks today

Well 2 weeks today no fags,i havent let my home life shit make me have a fag i keep telling my self a fag wont make things be better or make them go away

I have my bad days when all i want to do is cry but i have put that down not just to packing u smoking but to all the problems im having a home at the min.

My holiday is keeping me focused being a none smoker on holiday. .

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You are doing fabulous. Keep up this good work and before you know it you'll be wondering who that smoker was.

Others have found that stopping smoking seems to let other good things get into their lives. Hope you will follow that trend too. :)



Good on ya Kay - keep going hon, you are just ahead of me, i'm on day 12 and yes it is soooo hard at times and obviously ya other probs dont help, but just think how strong you are to cope with this and not smoking....way to go girl.....keep the faith and think about laying in the sun, drink in hand having fun with your daughter

deb x


Hi Kay :D :D

That's brilliant well done you just hang in there and if you need a good cry then cry whatever the reason it's far better than smoking keep focused on your holiday for now everything else will sort itself out in time




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