2 weeks in :)

Well I made it two whole weeks/fortnight/14 days done! I will admit last night I was home alone, just me and the dog an Indian takeaway and a bottle of wine and I really really thought oh I'll have a couple of fags, I'll have silk cut ultra cos it's like smoking fresh air, it won't hurt......... What an idiot, anyway I came to my senses and demolished a family sized bag of revels instead :D

Feeling proud I resisted today, have a great Sunday mon amies xx

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  • Well done Donna, half way to a whole month! :)

    You really have to get the NOPE mantra fixed into your brain, I feel a forum chanting session coming on :p

    Never feed the habit, smoking is smoking and no matter what tar levels they might have, they still have all the other horrible chemical additives in them.

    That said, you bopped your way through and I bet you're revelling in your success (did you see what I did there?) :p


  • Nicely done Donna..halfway through the first month already. Keep on moving.

  • i'm absolutely certain that family sized sweet treat bags have got smaller! it's the only size i buy. into week 3 - back of the net!

  • Donna, your owning this quit well done;)

  • Congratulations. Inspiring! You beat the home alone challenge ;)

  • Really well done...you beat the vino challenge too!! Xx

  • Yay two weeks is brilliant...gutted I am a week behind cause I am daft...just means you can get the penthouse warm :-) Well done again Mrs x

  • Keep going Donna. Let's make this the final quit!

  • I'm not able to do the NOPE thing, the moment I try to even think about NOPE, I'll light up again, I had to learn how to go around to fool my brain...I can smoke whenever I want, I do whatever I want to...at the end of the day, I am 40 years old and nobody tells me what to do.

    But I don't really want to, so I won't smoke just yet...may next week, maybe...just not now.

    Congratulations on week 2, stay strong.

  • That's kind of what I did. I can smoke whenever I like. I can go and get some right now if I want to, but I don't want to because smoking is rubbish, so I don't smoke.

  • Well done Donna, not had Revels in years (love the toffee ones) I'm a maltesers addict. This is my 3rd weekend I'm 21 days tomorrow and apart from the odd thought have sailed through it, which if you'd said to me 2 weekends ago I would never have believed . It, here's to week 3 x

  • Ets147, how long are you gone since you stopped? Thanks for your support, Im feeling very lonely with my approach to stop smoking...I've tried the NOPE as well and I can see why it's the right way to go about, But I just cannot do it.

  • Every day I see myself asking for fags, handing the cash over...I just won't do it today...maybe tomorrow...if I remember...:-D

  • So that was actually my biggest problem, so I went to the shop first time today since I quit on the 1st of Feb.

    I take my lunch to work instead of buying lunch, I don't carry money or cards on me, I decided that if I am not strong enough to stop myself, I must work on it "junkie type". I also started doing the weekly shopping in Lidl because they don't sell cigarettes.

  • Ets147, how long are you gone since you stopped?

    It's in the signature Maya - 5th August 2012 ;)

  • Oooops! Capitan, I think I am going throu a veryyyyy slowwwww moment LOL

  • Thanks all for your kind words, feeling rally really anxious tonight, chest fluttering feeling dizzy I feel a panic attack brewing, I will not smoke tho, it won't help I know it won't x

  • How are you today Donna? X

  • I hope this morning sees you feeling better Donna, have a blast from my youth :) ...


  • Woo yay and booyah Donna!

  • I am following closely taking inspiration. Thank you x

  • hi all anxiety hasnt passed, I am in work feeling extremely jittery, Im already on meds for anxiety so Im hoping this will pass and its just quitting anxiety, hope everyone is having a good day x

  • That's horrible Donna, don't give in, you can do this. Knitting to calm down?, camomile tea? Counting to 100, breathing exercices?? I wish I could help...

    But I know you will do it :) just focus on something else....

  • I'll just leave this here for you :) ...


  • Donna, are you good? I'm so looking forward to see ur next update :)

  • Donna, sending lots of positive thoughts for you, hope today got better for you x

  • Hi Donna

    I hope you feeling better too x

  • Hello you lovely lot, I am still quit 16 days today and feeling slightly better, still anxious but not as bad as the other day, your all bloomin lovely, thanks so much xx

  • Awe you had us worried Donna, so glad you've held firm and remained quit :)

    You should be posting in the Week 3 room now, be proud of it, you're doing so well :)

  • Thank you my friend, I'm struggling on here tonight, think it's my connection, will post tomorrow x

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