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two weeks today

I know I should be happy but dont know what is wrong with me today, came on here and read post and everyone seems to be doing fine. Me I just keep crying I am sick of feeling like this. I DONT want to smoke and know it wont help. Sorted Mum out this morning and was suppossed to come back shower before I went back again but all i want to do is sit and cry. My eyes look awful how am I suppossed to go out the house looking like this. I HATE FAGS WHY DID THEY DO THIS TO ME!!!!!!!!

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Oh Mel,

It sounds like you are really feeling rough, but 2 weeks in really still is very early days. Some people feel full of the joys of Spring after 1 week others it tales longer, but the one universal truth is that it will get better and you don't want to have to repeat that 1st week ever again.

Try to get some me time and treat yourself a bit, you deserve it.

It will all be worth it in the end, I promise.



Hi Mel

I'm a long way behind you in the giving up stakes, but all I can say is don't let the B****rds get you down!

I am dreaming of the 2 week stage, it seems so far away to me, so you just hang on in there. Congratulations, you have achieved a lot.

TT x


Had a really good cry, took the dog out then went to my mums and i blitz her house, she is 84 and we lost dad a few years ago so she needs some one that is cheerful around her not a mysery like me. I had called to get her some shopping before I went and I saw Quiet life on the shelf so thought I would give them a go as I have a lot of stress with my dissabled brother and my mum as well as my grandkids etc (long story) and I have to say either they are working or it is the good cry I had this morning.

Thank you for your posts you really do help X


Hi Mel,

sorry to hear you're having such a crap time - all I can say is, it will get better, but it takes time and we're all different so no-one can say how it will be for them ... just stick with it girl...

What's this Quiet Life you're talking about? I'm intrigued ...



Its a herbal tablet got it from the supermarket it was with the nytol and stuff. Read up on it on the internet as I felt so much better and all the reviews have been good so far so think I will stick with it if it helps it is suppossed to help you sleep aswell


Hi mel, sorry to hear that you dont feel so good today, when i read your posts and you point out that everyone else is doing ok, just to let you know im on day 7 today and could cry my eyes out, like you i think i should be feeling great but not sure why i dont, bit on edge and nervy but when i look at what you got going on personally and you cope with that then i wonder what im moaning about, you are doing fantastic and you should be well proud of yourself im sure by now i would have cracked if i had any more than the usual stresses of life.

a big well done to you and stay strong, you are an inspiration!



Hi Mel :D

So sorry you are feeling down at the moment Most of us feel emotional at the beginning of our quits but you're doing great and at the end of your 2nd week

Just hang in there you will win in the end I promise things will get better soon




Mell I am feeling for you , especially with all your family stresses as well.

I too lost a parent 18 month or so ago. So me and my dad ( aged 73 )being blokes arnt doing the house work thing but we are building a boat.:confused:. Perhaps something fun to do with your mum would help. Ive no Idea what your mum is capable of but I am sure there is something you can do together.

Anyway Well done on your continued no smoking .. Keep it up.And remember by this stage its all in our heads..



Hope you overcome your sadness soon. I lost a dear friend Friday, Mar 13 to cancer. Funeral was Monday. In stressful times I always turned to smokes but am quite proud not to have given into the demons!

Stay strong and happy have many people caring and cheering you on!


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