No Smoking Day
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Time for Horlicks

Day 11 smoke free day 3 nicotine free

I feel great after ditching the nrt, I also noticed at the gym last night that I did my normal workout and wasnt really out of breath. I feel like my lungs are bigger and I can defo take bigger breaths as I keep practising!!

Im just taking each day as it comes as last time I gave up (feb - march 08) i said, "ooh I cant ever imagine smoking again its disgusting!" and the next day went out bought a 20 pack and started smoking again. I obviously suffered some kind of minor stress that justified me returning to the evil weed!

Something is different this time but I still worry that its all too good to be true. I know I can cope with it but kind of get suspicious of how well its going..... maybe its just totally the right time for me

hope everyone else is ok today xxxxxxx

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Don't worry that its too good to be true, the thing that is different this time is you have the right attitude.

I'm not saying that you won't have tricky points but if, as you seem to, you understand the addiction you will be both prepared and able to prevent relapsing.

You are doing great, its a pleasure to see you doing so well.

All the best



yes its much different now Nic, I want to be a non smoker and no matter how bad the craves get im not going to give in. I also love the fact Im nicotine free at the moment. Ha ha!! to the nic demon who is squirming around on the floor!!!


Brilliant, is all I can say. I have just read the month two posts and thought, oh, that will be me in just over two weeks. Time just flies and it can have its downs, but mainly it is ups!! Good to see you are so positive. xx


Hi Moog

Really pleased ya having another good day you give me inspiration - I am on day 11 and as you know yesterday was a bad one - but i survived lol. Have been up since half five this morning have washed curtains, windows, swept the cobwebs away and getting rid of the smell of smoke. Hubby has gone back to sea today (he is on day 5) and i am like a woman possessed today, if its not nailed down, its getting blitzed lol. But am feeling far more positive today and the sun is out and I am meeting a friend this afternoon and going for a walk on the beach then a nice little drink at the pier - making the most of my days off work.

Thanks to all for the motivation yesterday

keep smiling - the suns out and its a lovely smoke free day

deb x


Hi Moog :D

You're doing great on Day 11 and the nicotine is out of your system as well wonderful and keep that sodding Nic :eek: Demon on the floor where he belongs better yet send him to the devil you sound really positive now but what's all this Horlicks in the morning you sure you haven't turned night into day HA HA




ha ha marg!! Im not a big brew drinker and got through all the hot choc in the office last week so thought about horlicks this week!! going to have to start contributing to the tea fund!!

hope you are ok lovie xx


hi moog!!!



ive got ovaltine for tomorrow!!

also had skinny latte the other morning, lol

as I dont drink brews im randomly using up all the leftover treats in our brew cupboard my work friends are being very supportive and treating me, although will have to put some cash in soon if I carry on!!


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