Second day wahey!!

Hi all,

just to let you know I have not smoked since 8 50 pm on Sunday. I feel great except i am coughing up loads of crap.

have been in a few situations where I would normally smoke or buy fags (i.e filling up car with petrol yesterday).

i am at my wifes house for the next two days and even went and bought her some baccy an hour ago!!

Hope I can keep it up!

Cheers all,


4 Replies

  • Well done Rob, you sound very positive, I'm sure you will keep it up.

    All the best


  • Hi Rob :D

    You are doing really well just hang in there you can do this



  • Hi Rob

    Fantastic! Well done, sounds although you're doing well. Keep on in there !

  • Rob,

    Well done! :)

    I'm about 24 hours behind you...

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