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Day 7 and I've started decorating

Morning! Day 7 all ready! I can't believe it!

Last night in order to distract myself I started decorating the bedroom with my new found energy. However, I seem to be developing another evil vice to replace the smoking - Ebay...! I though I was supposed to be saving money, but no, I seem to be spending it like there's no tomorrow, hence the need to decorate - no fags and no Ebay! I must stay strong!

Hope everyone's still hanging on in there.

TT x

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LOL, well you are not the 1st to replace an addiction to nicotine with compulsive spending!!

Great work getting to the end of the 1st week and you'll find the decorating is much quicker now you don't have to take repeated breaks to top up your nicotine levels!

All the best,



Hi T T :D

Day 7 already that's brilliant well done the first and worst week behind you and it will start to get easier for you I promise don't worry to much about the spending I bought all sorts of things in the early days even make up which I hadn't bought or used in yonks {I do now} I have atheory that at least some of it is that with buying fags all the time we couldn't afford to treat ourselves before anyway that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it

Well done on the decorating




Thanks Nic and Marg. If it wasn't for your support and that of everyone on here I don't think I'd be here now.



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