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Day 7 Started

Well who would have thought that you would see me posting a day 7 thread. When I look back to all my failed quits I feel that it was all meant to be - that those quits all went to make up the tapestry of my journey. I know it's only a week but for me this may as well be a year because it feels so good.

Physical changes for me today. This was quite a revelation but I realised how calm I had become. I used to think that cigarettes calmed me down but they didn't at all - I just convinced myself they did.

Not a non smoker yet though as still miss it but learning to live without it :)

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One week, that is wonderful, a real achievement. So very proud of you. You're on your way!



Oh that's good, I am pleased. Hopefully you'll really be able to feel the benefits now. Bet if you'd been smoking the infection would still be raging though!

I'm off to drive one of our boats today.. The first time since I stopped, could be interesting as I always had 2 fags whilst everyone went diving.... can't eat chocolate cos of the diet *sigh*. Will have to play games on my phone instead!!!

Found the mole yet?! :D


I am thinking of calling the Police as the mole has been missing for 24 hours now :D

PSML - I do love you and your sense of humour. Fantastic!!! :D :D

Should I watch Crimewatch? Missing Mole report - armed and dangerous, police warn the public to stay away!!!! :D


Well done Karri!!!!! hope you are feeling better. It feels great to say one whole week without a cig, I know it did for me. x


Well done Karri!! I hope you are proud of yourself.


Bloody brilliant, well done chick xx


im soooooooooo happy for ya karri..keep up the good work!!:D


Hey Karri

A huge well done to you!!!!

It only gets easier from here!! - before you know it you will be sitting next to all the quitters the Penthouse!! ;)


Well done Karri I am over the moon for you.

Joan xxxx


Well done Karri...Day 7!!! YaYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! ;)


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