Fairies or woodsprites?

Day 3 nearly over, but it's not getting any easier.

Today at work we had a safety & first aid kit inspection...just as mine was about to be opened.. I remembered a cruicial item that I kept taped under the lid of my first aid case....A spare cig!!!!!

About to die of embarisment as the HSE bloke opened it...there, to roars of laughter from work mates, stuck under the lid..was a pack of nicotine gum!

Who done it ??

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  • LOL, sounds like someone is on your side :D.

  • That is priceless lol

  • How sad was I though?? ...to include a cig amongst 'emergency lifesaving equipment'???


  • Don't matter.

    It's still the post of the day :D:D:D:D

  • Hi Ytene :D

    Gave me a giggle but also true in a way because for an awful lots of us not so very long ago a fag really was a life saver

    Hang in there Ytene



  • Very funny! Indeed the post of the day! xx:)

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