No Smoking Day

Day 6

Went out to visit a client at their site to day. I was up at five this morning, left the house at six, and got back at around seven this evening. I forgot to put a patch on before I left the house.

I did not smoke.

I'm going to put a patch on tomorrow though. It was OK for most of the day today but I don't want to 'run before I can walk' so I'll patch-up for a while longer.

Still pretty pleased with myself though ;-)

Thanks to everyone for all your support and encouragement, it really means a lot. Once I've been a non-smoker for a few months, hopefully I'll be able to help and advise others - just need to see if I can do it myself first!

Wes x

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Hi Wes :D

Day 6 that's brilliant keep it going and well done on going all day without a patch

Wes Take note of what B B [Jim] is saying he is the expert on patches




Last week on day 3 I forgot to put my patch on but did have some nicotine gum. with the support from this forum i went without my patch and have never had it on since and im coming to the end of day10! i have got some gum but this is the end of my second day without it. i feel better without the nrt and much more in control. as BB says youve now gone a whole day without nicotine it would be a shame to fill your body back up with it.

keep it up you are doing fab xxx


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