No Smoking Day
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Day 12

Well thanks to you all for your kind messages and i got threw yesterday with out buying any with the help of you all.

Taking each day as it comes things still not good at home and i have done that much crying over the past 2 days im sure i havent got any more tears left to cry.

I feel O/H makes me feel bad that i have packed up smoking all i would love is his support but i now know i will not get that and my got that hurts.

So here we go another day to get threw


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Hi Kay

Day 12 Is great well done sorry things haven't improved at home but well done for not giving in to Nico Demon Think OH very selfish you shouldn't have to fight them both for the right to quit think you have it right with OH and he wants you to fail so he can say

I told you so don't give him that satisfaction




Hey Kay,

You are doing great stuff. 12 days is fantastic and more so as you've said that you've spent most of it crying. Good on ya for sticking with YOUR plans to become a non-smoker.

Tonyx also was looking for support from his family when he quit and without going into too much detail of his life, I don't think he got much if any support. At the end of the day you are doing it for yourself 'cos you are ready to quit and get back to a healthy lifestyle.

If you OH is making you feel bad about stopping smoking that's his issue. He's only jealous that you are trying. And possibly he will be a bit confused at the mo 'cos you are going through some (healthy) changes. That said, cuff him upside his head for not supporting you!! :eek::D



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