No Smoking Day

daddy, u smell nice

Hey guys,

Just something that made me laugh - my 3 yr old came up to me and said 'daddy u smell nice' - i laughed and said thank u, but I'm glad that my family r starting to notice better things about me :) Lincoln is hilarious, he blows raspberries all the time - not sure if he's doin it or if its u kno wot lol - samuel blamed it on me, the cheeky .....

anyway thats me on day 11 i think, iv actually lost track. was out last nite with the wife and we both got absolutely hammered - needs to be done every now and then - but guess what I didn't smoke and when someone offered me one I just said NO!!

Anyway, I'm knackered lol - coffee time then its Dnacing on Ice at 7.15 lol

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Hi Phil :D :D

Well done you got plastered and didn't smoke that's great

Kids eh they either make you laugh or cry would have loved yo have seen your face when told you smell nice but it is good that they ataking notice of such things and blowing raspberries oh dear me

Anyway Well done again




Well done Phil, seems like you are more in control this time ;)

Its great when kids come out with these things.




Good going, Philip.... great job not being tempted while out plastered!! :D Glad you are out and about having fun as a non-smoker! Keep it up :D


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