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Day 13


Not feeling too bad, like ive said before morning are a bit tough but as soon as I remind myself Ive stopped im soon smiling again. Hate the taste in my mouth in a morning, mind you it is more my throat takes me a while to get rid of it. Its a lovely sunny day so after dinner my OH and me are taking the dog for a nice walk usually he wont come with me but he said yeah why not lol

Have a great sunday everyone X

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Hi Trendy :D

Almost 2 weeks that wonderful well done enjoy your walk with O H and the dog



NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Have a great Sunday yourself and enjoy the walk.

Yep mornings were the most tricky time of day for me too, but it gets better over time.

Congrats on day 13, almost a fortnight completed!!


Had a lovely walk weather was great, got home felt tired but nice tired if you know what I mean. This evening for some reason has been hard dont want to smoke but craving one it doesnt usually bother me too much in the evening but for some reason it is tonight sob

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