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Day 12

Been a funny sort of day, but there again most days seem a bit weird, suppose its cos Ive had a cig around m 24/7 for the last 32 years and they arnt around anymore and do you know what I really dont miss them. Yes I get the craves but I dont miss them. Marks daughter and bf came round this afternoon and I really didnt want them to smoke in the house and they were great her bf went outside and she didnt smoke bless her, think she was dying for one by the time she left though.

Big hugs to everyone X

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my brother and sister in law came round today and were smoking, they were outside though. I used to smoke outside too. I went and stood with them and just thought that Im so glad I dont smoke any more. even at the times when Ive really wanted one I wouldnt sacrifice being smoke free to go back to it.

well done on day 12, well its day 13 now!!



Both of you, Trendy and Moog are sounding so well! Great job on almost 2 weeks, Trendy!! Just keep going with it, day by day! Keep :)


Hi Trendy & Sam :D

Wow almost 2 weeks quit that's great well done you and yes you will get weird days but it is good that you didn't even think about having one brilliant and although you still get the craves they will get less and less as you get deeper into your quits




day 12/13

Well done trendy and Sam for almost getting to week 2 !! I am today on day 12 and Margaret is so right about the thinkin about them less and less as the days go on.

Anyway well done to you both and everyone else on here and grateful thanks to Marg, Linda, nic and all the others who have been here done this, they help enormously. x


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