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7 Months Anniversary


Wow 7 months! only by chance did I see that I had made it that far.

I am now a non smoker I will never smoke again for the rest of my life....If I ever get a craving I will just think about how a felt on day 1 not being able to take a breath of air and panic setting in as I struggled with the chest infection.

In a way I am thankful that I was so ill cause I really dont think I would have ever given up cause this stop was not a planned one for me.

I love not smelling of smoke (Which I had convinced myself that I didn't) and it was just my husband moaning that I stank of cigs.

I love seeing the widget on my computer click pound after pound in saved cash £1211 at the moment :eek:

I love my life that is not ruled by how long it has been since I sparked up.

but most of all I love my life cause by stopping smoking I will live longer to love my life even more :)

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7 Months WOW and a big well done too. Heres to the fast approaching penthouse bar. I will have a drink waiting for you when you arrive.

Good luck and keep it up ;)

Great effort timetostop, with that attitude you can't fail.

Well done !

Big congratulations to you.

I stopped for the same reason and in the same way, and remembering that struggle for oxygen has been enough to keep me on the straight and narrow when I've been wavering.

Seven months is great. May you live free forever!


oh yeah!!! a big congrats!! youve earned it!!:D

Fantastic, well done, and what a lovely post!

Over half way to the Penthouse and sounding so bouyed up, isnt it a great feeling and yes doesnt it make a difference to how we smell, sweetly now :D and I am sure Hubby loves it as well, I find I dont use half as much perfume and also I notice every other perfume on other women, some tooo tooo much.

Well Done.

Levs1000 Days Smoke Free

Well done mate. Good to see everyone getting up to the big numbers now :)

Well done Timetostop!!!

I'm right behind you, and I believe John is right behind me... Lead us forth into the penthouse, please :)


Yes indeed congratulations timetostop only 3 days seperate you Alex and myself, I hope it stays that way!!!:D

CONGRATULATIONS Time2 and John on your 7 month anniversary. It must feel marvelous.

I hope to one day have the priviledge of meeting you both in the penthouse.'


Thank you very much for your kind words. I am so happy with what I have achieved. Just wish I had done it years ago.

Alex and John congrats to you both also. Were bloody good arnt we :D lol

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