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I Did It! 6 Month Anniversary :)

I made it to 6 months as of yesterday!

I never thought I'd have made it here. I remember feeling so hopeless and powerless to quit. I'm undeniably proud of myself for having quit cold turkey.

I'm doing really well in spite of trying circumstances a couple of months ago. Those unexpected cravings for a cigarette have largely vanished. The only time I feel the hook of addiction is after I've drunk a certain amount of wine. Needless to say, I stop drinking before it gets to that point.

Can't wait until I clock in a year!

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That's flipping fab, huge well done :D :D

It's lovely to see people well into their quits coming back and saying how much better it is!!


Hello Isabella (I really love that name:p)

That is so fantastic, great admiration for how well you've done. !

I find it helps so much to read posts from longer term quitters, it really is a great encouragement.

It is good to hear that others felt powerless and hopeless - what a success you've made you must be a strong committed person.

I think everyone on here understands how hard all this is, but to cling to the thought that it does get better keeps us going through the difficult periods. :):D

Very, very well done Isabella, stay strong. bb x


:D Well done Isabella. :)


Magic performance. Very well done indeed.


What an inspiring post! :)

Many congratulations Isabella. The penthouse beckons I think? :)


Congratulations Isabella, amazing that just six months ago we were both terrified quitters, now we are strong, happy non-smokers. You go girl


Well done Isabella, as said above 6 months is such a massive achievement! Your post is inspiring to me and others who read it, particularly as you said u struggled and have had some trying times but still pulled through it as a non smoker, this is great, good luck to you xx


Well done Isabella 6 months is fantastic and it really helps the likes of me who are struggling behind you



Thank you all for the congratulations and kind words on my special milestone :) Those who are behind me on the path towards becoming smoke-free--it feels wonderful and awesome. Keep going--you'll be glad you did!

P.S. My quit anniversary will fall on my birthday. I didn't plan it that way, but now, I'll always have two things to celebrate on my birthday!


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