No Smoking Day

there is hope for everyone

hi all

hope everyones doing ok with their quits.

havnt posted in a while so thought id give you my thoughts for today..

i am only in my 5th month and giving up smoking has changed my whole life. im fitter, im healthier, i feel brilliant about myself, i can cope with anything without needing to smoke and the best richer!! and i NEVER thought i would be writing that.

i wanted to share that with you so that if your at the stage where your thinking you cant do it and asking yourself how long will it be before your life becomes about something other than "giving up smoking" - well its already happened for me. i rarely think about it unless someone walks past me stinking of it and i cant even remember the last time i had a craving. i enjoy a glass of wine....ok a bottle....without feeling the need or want to smoke now too.

not saying everyone will be the same but hopefully my acheivement will give someone the inspiration to keep going if they are feeling a bit crap about it all

see ya in another few weeks/months probably :)

laura xx

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Hi Laura

Lovely post hun. well done nice to hear you have come out the other side of the tunnel. CONGRATS.xxxx


Thank you, Laura..... felt good reading your post!! Very inspiring........ can't WAIT to get there :D


Hi Laura

What a good post I to feel fitter and healthier for quitting at nearly 4 mths

Well done on 4+ months




Really good post. There should be more posts like that to inspire people who are having a bad time. I'm on my 4th month now and rarely have cravings. I had a really bad time at work this week and someone made me so hopping mad and angry I was almost spitting blood but I didnt even think about smoking through it all. Gotta be a good thing eh :D


hi id13,nice to here form you again,,and congrats on 5 months ,wow,, time does go so quick,,,you have keep the faith tony keep;):):D


Well done you! I am so glad to hear you are still going strong!:D

Lisa xx


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